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From Mark Hammond <>
Subject Re: (lack of) couchdb windows binaries
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2010 11:29:54 GMT
On 1/04/2010 10:09 PM, Carl McDade wrote:
> I am going from my experiences in working with Windows 2003 Server as a
> dev platform. Maybe for a hobbyist or first time user there would be no
> problem. But most Windows users frequently install Java, Ruby, PHP and
> Python in seperate directories under Program Files or X:\[SOURCE] and
> use pointers in configuration of the software that needs the sources. If
> the program in question does not accept the sources already in place
> then it becomes a point of frustration because multiple installs of the
> same source create confusion.

I still don't understand the problem here.  If you install bit-torrent 
and mercurial on your PC, you end up with 2 complete copies of the same 
python runtime - but I don't see any evidence of users being confused here.

> I guess there are two camps on this one. One being that the CouchDB
> windows installer should provide a complete stack One-click install for
> development environment  for Erlang, CouchDB and a Webserver, similar to
> Ruby One-Click, Wampserver, Xammp etc. But it does not appear to do this
> yet. So while YAWS, Ejabbard and other software would be running on
> single instance of Erlang. guaranteeing use of single version, CouchDB
> might be running on a different version.

Why is this a problem?  I'd go so far as to say it is a feature :)  Eg, 
in my example above, the fact bit-torrent and mercurial may use the 
same, or different, versions of Python isn't a problem - it is actually 
a feature that whatever version of Python each project happens to choose 
for their binary install can't impact the other.

> In my experiments there are collisions in running multiple versions of
> the Erlang VM, Inets, Mochiweb and some binaries. YAWS for example
> simply refuses to start while CouchDB (windows installation) is running.
> It becomes chaotic and inconvenient to fix all the different instances.

Yeah - I can see that if multiple copies of erlang could not run 
independently on the same PC it would be quite a problem and something 
erlang should fix.  I'd be happy to help have any such issues reported 
to the erlang team if we can narrow this down.

> Well you know that PHP is popular and the greater number of web
> developers use Windows as their platform of choice. Since I see that
> Erlang and CouchDB have a potentially bright futures in web work I would
> hate to see this ruined with a reputation for not being Windows
> friendly. PostgreSQL suffered from this for many years. But once a good
> Windows installer was released it has seen significant improvement in
> popularity over the last three years. I guess I want to see CouchDB grow
> without going through the same trials.

Sure - although I'm still yet to understand what isn't "windows 
friendly" with the current arrangement.

> On my last try the installer refused to accept any changes to the
> x:\Program Files\ install directory. I will give it another try and
> report it as a bug if confirmed.

That would be great!



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