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From Dirkjan Ochtman <>
Subject Compaction issue after upgrade 0.10.1-0.11.0
Date Tue, 30 Mar 2010 15:19:50 GMT
So this morning I went to upgrade one of my servers to 0.11. Installed
it, fixed up the config files, then restarted CouchDB. It picked up on
my databases just fine, so everything looked good. I tried some views,
and it had to re-index all of my ddocs (which I found surprising, but
okay). After that I went and compacted the database, then the views.

However, later today I got some exception mails from my web
application. It appears that something has gotten confused. For
example, take this document:

{_id: "page-22", _rev: "2-1835830930", lb: null, content: "blah blah
yadda", type: "page", _deleted_conflicts: ["4-4212453249",
"2-1982019940", "2-1964049796", "2-1096626370"]}

Note all the _deleted_conflicts. However, this is the document
returned by a view (which emits(, doc))! When I actually request
this document, I get this:

{"_id":"page-22","_rev":"4-4212453249"} (it would be helpful to have a
member _deleted:true, or something, to show that it's not just empty,
but that something was there before).

Requesting the 2-1835830930 revision results in the complete document,
as shown above.

So, that got me pretty scared, because I thought I lost my document
(and my site actually started failing)! What would be the best way to
fix up my database? And do we have any diagnosis on what the cause of
this is? I'm happy I deployed this on a less-critical site first, and
wouldn't want to deploy at work unless we figure out what's going on



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