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From Paul Davis <>
Subject Re: default vhost config option
Date Mon, 15 Mar 2010 17:21:53 GMT
> Apache CouchDB discussions must happen on a mailing list.

Hence, this thread. XD

[11:25] <benoitc> mmmm
[11:26] <benoitc> about Host header and vhost
[11:26] <benoitc> couldn't we simply forbid messages without Host ?
[11:26] <davisp> benoitc: sounds like a config option
[11:26] <benoitc> yup
[11:27] <benoitc> that would solve the need of a proxy for some uses I guess
[11:27] <benoitc> with a default virtualhost to nothing
[11:28] <benoitc> (or an info page)
[11:28] <davisp> Oh, maybe that's a better config options,
"defualt_vhost" like most web servers use
[11:28] <benoitc> yes right
[11:30] <benoitc> mmm i could implement that anything against ?
[11:32] <davisp> Sounds like a question for dev@

I don't think this discussion should have anything to do with
security. A rewrite/vhost configuration is not a substitute for a
proper security system.


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