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From Kevin Jackson <>
Subject Mulitple CouchDB nodes using SAN for filestore?
Date Mon, 15 Mar 2010 10:07:32 GMT

We have couchdb ready to deploy on our architecture and we realise
that couchdb is 'shared-nothing' and we expect eventual consistency
from a client point of view.

However to get business buy-in, I need to investigate the possibility
of not using replication and instead have 2+ couchdb nodes using a SAN
to store the data.  I know that this completely violates the
shared-nothing model but having the flexibility to deploy in this
fashion and in an eventually consistent fashion (via replication)
would be very useful for us.

I've checked the JIRA and there appears to be an issue with nfs[1] -
as we will be deploying on linux, nfs would have been part of the
solution to multiple nodes -> shared disc

Does anyone have experience trying anything similar to this setup?



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