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From Noah Slater <>
Subject Re: (lack of) couchdb windows binaries
Date Tue, 30 Mar 2010 06:00:20 GMT

On 30 Mar 2010, at 01:58, Mark Hammond wrote:

> I understand that - however, the Windows issues are well known, have existed forever
and has never before been raised as a blocker for a windows binary.  If I knew it would be
considered as such I would not have invested any further efforts in Windows binaries until
the windows issues were resolved.

If you're happy preparing the binary, I am happy to call a vote on it.

> Something seems quite back-to-front here procedurally - many days of delays could have
been avoided if Windows was not to be supported in this release, however a single day of delay
then caused Windows to miss the boat.

We were all working under the assumption that we were going to do a Windows binary with the
release, which is the reason time was sunk into it. When I was ready to actually do the release,
you were about to go on a 10 day holiday. I was already feeling the pressure to get this out
as soon as possible, and it was decided at the time that we should cut the release and proceed
without the binary. Like Jan says, we can do a binary release separately, like now.

> I'm not quite with you - the release docs indicates it is now a first-class platform,
but not first-class enough to warrant a build?

You were on holiday, which is the only reason we don't have a binary artefact to vote on.

If you wish to prepare one from the 0.11.0 release, then you can.

> As above, I have no interest in, or knowledge of the issues here, so I will leave the
honours to someone who does (or at least someone who has enough grasp of this to consider
it a problem.)

Actually, I think you're the only person with enough knowledge to handle this. You're not
expected to know anything about the law. The purpose of the list is for people with the technical
knowledge to ask the people with the legal knowledge what the best way forward is. If you
start a thread on legal telling them how the Windows binary is constructed, and asking them
if that is okay, that should be all that you have to do.

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