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From Germain Maurice <>
Subject Replication crash
Date Sat, 27 Mar 2010 21:36:55 GMT
Hello all,

Here is the report of a problem i met.

The stuff :
HostA : database (~9M docs) -- 1. replication (continuous) -->  HostB : 

HostA : database_temp (~15k docs) --2. one shot replication--> HostA :

Client : 3. adding documents ---> HostA : database

Firstly, i launched the continuous replication between the two hosts.
Secondly, i launched the replication of database_temp on database which
successfully terminated.
During the replications, we were adding documents on database of hostA.

When the continuous replication reached a common ancestor between hostA 
and hostB, couchdb crashed.

(Every local replications are successful)

Attached : couch.log.hostA.gz
Attached : couch.log.hostB.gz

Another test :

After the crash, i tried to resume replication, it found replication log
and tried to resume but crashed after a while.

Attached : couch.log.hostA.1.gz
Attached : couch.log.hostB.1.gz

You can find the tar archive with all the log files mentionned on this 
link :

If you need other informations, don't hesitate to ask me.

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