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From Mikeal Rogers <>
Subject Re: CouchDB Wiki / Documentation
Date Fri, 05 Mar 2010 23:44:44 GMT
I'm +1 on dogfooding a couchapp doc site.

Last week Greg Stein mentioned something about a "space" that you can
get at apache.

Basically you get a box or VM or something that is part of apache
infrastructure but the apache infra people don't maintain it, the
people in your project do, so you can run your own stuff when
necessary on Apache infra if you're willing to take on the task of
maintaining it.


On Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 12:51 PM, Nicolas Steinmetz <> wrote:
> Le 05/03/10 21:42, Noah Slater a écrit :
>> I would like to work WITH the ASF, and not "against" them, where possible.
> I agree as ASF is your sponsor.
> If the issue is just MoinMoin and as I think that is
> plain html (or is there a CMS behind it ?), what about couchdb core dev to
> push html files from the github repo (manually or automatically) ?
> As far as I can see it :
> - You remain on ASF infra for official doc (as core dev can push docs
> against a given version of couchdb or other statement)
> - For WIP doc, it's stored on github with features mentionned earlier. If
> you want to use ASF infra, we can swith back to svn I guess.
> I think that it can sound fair for everybody.
> Cheers,
> Nicolas

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