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From Noah Slater <>
Subject Test suite blocking release
Date Fri, 19 Mar 2010 11:59:26 GMT

I was going to call a vote on the release today, but I am being blocked by test suite errors.

Running in Safari:


	• Assertion 'should return matching rows' failed: expected '3', got '1'


	• Assertion 'should return a truncated revision list' failed: expected '5', got '6'

The first one fails consistently, with debugging and without. No additional details provided
by the test.

The second one is quite mysterious, however, and needs to be fixed.

I ran it again with the debugger, and IT PASSED.

I ran it again as normal, and got:

	• Assertion failed:"bar", {revs:true})._revisions.ids.length == newLimit + 1
	• Assertion failed: docB2._conflicts[0] == docB1._rev) // We having already updated bar
before setting the limit, so it's still got // a long rev history. compact to stem the revs.
T("bar", {revs:true})._revisions.ids.length == newLimit + 1

I ran it again with the debugger:

	• Assertion failed: false
	• Assertion failed: false

I ran the whole thing from scratch, and I got the first error, then the second error message
for the second test.

Running on Firefox:


	• Assertion 'JSON.parse(lines[2]).id == "rusty", lines[2]' failed: {"last_seq":9}
	• Exception raised: {"message":"JSON.parse","fileName":"","lineNumber":167,"stack":"(false)@\u000arun(11)@\u000a"}


	• Exception raised: {}

Both tests pass when run a second time.

A few other people on IRC were able to reproduce some of the errors I have described here.

I now consider these tests suspicious too, and have no idea how serious the problems are.

Any help or guidance would be fantastic.

We're so close to the release!

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