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From Damien Katz <>
Subject Getting to 1.0, Time for 0.11.0 + Feature Freeze
Date Sat, 06 Feb 2010 01:35:34 GMT
Hello CouchDB contributors! It's time to do a 0.11.0 release, which should be the last release
before 1.0.

I know lots of people have particular features they want before we hit 1.0. but that will
always be true. I can list 3 things I wish we had, but I'm willing to live without them for
now so we can push ahead.

I propose we create the 0.11.0 branch, and that will eventually become 1.0. New features will
continue to go into trunk. Also new features can still go into the 0.11/1.0 branch, but they
will need consensus from the community from this point on.

If the community generally agrees, I'd like the branch created monday. If you have objections,
please air them now.

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