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From Brian Candler <>
Subject Re: DB ACLs (was Re: 0.11 Release / Feature Freeze for 1.0)
Date Fri, 05 Feb 2010 22:42:25 GMT
I think it's time to declare my interest.

The CouchDB-backed application I've been working on is now available here:

It's basically an IP address database / network asset inventory. CouchDB has
been a great match for this, especially some funky map-reduce logic for
indexing IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, and having separate database instances for
logical separation.

At the moment, CouchDB sits entirely behind a Rails app, which handles the
user authentication and authorization - that is, enforcing which databases
you can use, and whether you have read/update/admin rights to them.

If I can push enough of this logic down into CouchDB, then that would let me
expose CouchDB itself to the Internet.  That would give people a fast
JSON-over-HTTP API for extending the service externally.  It would also let
me move more of the UI logic up into the browser, and the option of moving
towards a CouchApp model.

So that's my particular reason for having an interest in how the ACL
features end up in 0.11.  I'd be happy to describe how my current security
model works and how it might be mapped down to CouchDB, if anyone's

(And if anyone's interested in the app itself, please feel free to try it
out and send your comments to me off-list)



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