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From Noah Slater <>
Subject Re: Request from the wiki gardener
Date Thu, 25 Feb 2010 18:41:27 GMT
Have you self-appointed as a wiki gnome? If so, wonderful! Thank you.

Maybe one of the first things you could do is set up a wiki gnome page, and form a team of
go-to people for the wiki.

Nothing like knowing the people doing most of the work in one area, forming a bit of a community
around it.

On 25 Feb 2010, at 18:32, Sebastian Cohnen wrote:

> Hey couch-devs,
> I identified "security" as an imported topic that needs some (more) attention in the
wiki (there has been a bunch of new features in this area recently). Unfortunately I have
only minimal knowledge of CouchDB's security concepts (and even less what feature is available
in which version).
> Basically I would like to ask the committers for some input on that topic - texts on
overview, references...
> Currently I'm thinking of a structure for a new "Security"-wiki page to have smth. like
a portal for this topic where all kinds of wiki pages and related material can be referenced.
The available information on the security topic seems rather scattered over the wik atm.
> Thoughts?
> // The Gardener (alias tisba)
> and btw: please feel free to point me to any (other) topic that needs some gardening.

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