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From Roger Binns <>
Subject Re: Objective criteria
Date Thu, 14 Jan 2010 03:21:09 GMT
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Damien Katz wrote:
>> That's fine, the issue is that bugs saying "It's too slow" is always true for someone.

I did give specific numbers - ie 10 million documents, 2GB of JSON data etc
and the amount of time taken as well as space.  I doubt you'd find anyone
that considers 4 hours or 27GB to be reasonable numbers for that :-)

> Many people find the view indexing performance just fine, many do not.

True.  For example one of my other projects currently has 100 documents and
I have no issue any part of CouchDB for that.

What isn't clear is statement of reasonable expectations - should I be able
to handle 10 million documents in CouchDB?  Will it ever handle that?  Do
you as the project leader care about that?  Everything has a sweet spot and
I am not asking you to make 10 million documents be encompassed by the sweet
spot, but clearly if you never intend for CouchDB to handle that much data
then I need to go elsewhere.

>> Since CouchDB makes no performance or size guarantees,

How about publishing some?  Not guarantees but rather some expectations.
For example if someone has 1GB of JSON data in 1 million documents what
would be an expectation of size? The bugs can then be about substantial
divergences from that.

> Unless you have specific bug to fix, or enhancement to make, don't use JIRA.

The issues you closed listed specific enhancements (pipelining, multiple
instances, different file format etc).  I do acknowledge that I didn't
supply code but I can't do everything :-)  All my personal projects are open
source - it isn't like I am trying to take and never give.

>> Also, if you want something without view performance problems but similar to CouchDB,
you should look at MongoDB.

I did research the alternatives I could find.  CouchDB is the only solution
that was designed for replication (and hence offline working, occasional
disconnection, any topology for replication etc).  CouchDB is also the only
one that allows for indices/views on data that is "calculated" rather than
just extracting a particular value statically from the docs.  (That can be
worked around by calculated values and shoving them into the docs but is
less elegant.)

Other than that MongoDB seemed to be the nicest.  But I really want CouchDB
to take over the world.  The concepts are right.  The replication point of
view is right etc.  It not handling millions of documents in a reasonable
amount of space and time is not right IMHO but I still don't know what the
project opinion is.

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