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From Robert Dionne <>
Subject rendering docs in Futon
Date Sun, 06 Dec 2009 16:04:25 GMT
I have what I guess is a design question about Futon:

I've been playing and prototyping with FTI in couchdb [1,2] and have tweaked Futon to replace
the "Jump to ID" feature with "Search For:" [3] and an interesting question comes up. Currently
I"m indexing all the values in the docs and returning the slot names as well as the doc ids
in the search results. Even though couchdb is schema-less, there is an implicit schema within
a given database as a rule. This is what allows us to define a Document object in Lucene which
contains the fields we want to index up front.

In this approach I'm indexing everything but of course in practice  I may only be interested
in particular slots like "PreferredName" or "GeneEncodes". So the question I have is how to
control that in the search field, because it is database dependent. Should I let the display
slot in jquery.suggest be configurable? I suppose one approach would be to index views rather
that the entire document. This would be closer to how Lucene indexing works where the view
itself defines the fields of interest. Still there may be multiple fields, so the question
of how to configure the display remains.

Anyway if this makes sense to anyone I'd appreciate your thoughts.




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