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From Juhani Ränkimies <>
Subject Re: Anyone using couchdb on windows for real?? I'm considering.
Date Mon, 02 Nov 2009 06:28:27 GMT
> This is all fairly vague, but IIUC the general idea was that issue 67 would
> provide a level of indirection between the DB name and the actual file name,
> primarily to support database names which are invalid file-system names.
>  Then this general support could possibly be leveraged so that whenever a
> database needs to be rolled over, instead of trying to replace it directly
> on the file-system (which fails on Windows), we just update the "pointer" to
> use a new name, serving all new requests from that db and deleting the old
> database once everything has caught up and released the old DB.

Ok, I see.

> Also, my mailer isn't showing the "dirty fix" attachment - could you please
> resend it (either to me personally or via the list)?

Let's see if zipping it helps. There's two versions now:

The original fixes the opening of db so that if db.couch is missing
db.couch.compact is renamed before opening. compact_done -handler is
tweaked to help windows to actually delete the db.couch, then the
couch_db_updater is intentionally crashed, and after a while
couch_db:open is called to let couch heal itself.

The second approach doesn't crash couch_db_updater anymore, but adds
couch_file:win32_rename which closes the file, renames it and opens it

>> The fsync issue worries me because I don't exactly undestand it's
>> implications. It'd be great if someone would elaborate.
> Which looks to me like it is no longer of concern.



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