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From Paul Davis <>
Subject Re: Increasing Spidermonkey version
Date Wed, 18 Nov 2009 22:07:43 GMT
> It'd be happy to make the switch to the newer spidermonkey. I don't
> think we need to sweat the 'undefined' handling details.
> When we chose JavaScript, it was because it is ubiquitous and simple.
> We've got some code that expects a particular handling of 'undefined',
> but if the language is changing (native JSON support for a different
> handling of 'undefined') I think we should change with the language.
> It's in CouchDB's interest to follow the prevailing wind here.
> Does anyone know the status of native JSON support on other browsers,
> and how 'undefined' is handled?
> Chris

The differences in undefined handling are quite minimal in terms of
our test suite. And most people I've heard express an opinion are in
favor of the new handling so that they don't have to constantly guard
with things like "doc.optional_member || null".

I've not heard of any other browser implementing a JSON parser yet,
but I haven't paid the most attention. Though, I'm not sure why its

Paul Davis

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