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From Paul Davis <>
Subject couchjs refactoring
Date Sun, 01 Nov 2009 23:49:34 GMT

I've finally completed the refactoring of the couchjs view server.
I've put together a patch set consisting of three individual patches
to show the progression of what's going on.

Patch 1:

> Move all C code to src/couchdb/priv
> Shuffling bits around to conform to Erlang conventions.

This first patch moves all C code into src/couchdb/priv/
subdirectories to help make things more logical. This creates the
directories couch_js, icu_driver, and spawnkillable that include the
obviously related code. Part of this patch renames couch_erl_driver ->
couch_icu_driver so that its more apparent what it actually is.
Everything else is just the build changes required to support this
move. There is zero behavior changed in this patch.

Patch 2:

> Complete refactoring of couch_js.
> In particular, the cURL bindings have been rewritten to be more useful
> and easily applied in command line scripts.

This is the refactoring of couchjs. Highlights include splitting the
code out of the single monolithic couch_js.c file and adding utf8.[hc]
main.c and http.[hc] files to include the obviously related code. The
new cURL bindings are included in this patch but are unused until the
future patches. The only behavior changed in this patch is how HTTP
connections are made from couchjs. As this only affects internal tests
and the new benchmark tests this doesn't affect normal view server

Patch 3:

> Integrate JavaScript tests into make check.
> All JS tests are now run along with the ETAP suite. In the future I
> would like to improve on this support which would include patching the
> test runner to provide etap output for individual test files. This would
> probably require some major work to rewriting the test conditions in JS
> tests though to make the output useful.

This patch updates the build system and includes the necessary bits to
add running the entire JS test suite from the command line. The output
is formatted to adhere to TAP so that we can run the tests with prove
as we do for the etap tests. As the commit message notes, in the
future I'm thinking about making each call to T(condition, mesg)
output a TAP message and then running each test individually. This
will help us track things down if we have failures. As it is now, its
one test, with asserts that each js file doesn't have errors.

Another thing of note for this patch is that I had to make two minor
edits to the test suite to support the command line runner. In
changes.js I had to add an extra bit of logic to avoid running the
asynchronous tests that aren't supported by the cURL bindings. The
cookie_auth.js test modifies a check for a single HTTP status code
assertion. The old behavior was to check for 200 after a redirect. The
new assert allows 304 as a valid answer. This second change actually
mirrors what's in the comment for the assert. My understanding is that
the browser XHR must be following the redirect and returning the
second response.

Next on the chopping block is to move the bench tests into test/ and
have them use the new cURL bindings. I didn't include them as part of
these updates yet so people can focus on the big changes. Once I fix
the bench stuff I plan on adding the --with-http flag to turn off cURL
bindings by default. This should be a simple fix as including cURL
support is a single function. The hard part is figuring out if I can
reasonably assume all platforms we care about have some version of
getopt or something.

Anyway, I figured I'd make a formal note of this before committing. If
anyone wants to read through and/or pull and run 'make check', 'make
distcheck', and 'make distsign' to double check the builds that'd be
super cool. If I don't hear any objections I'll push this in shortly.

Paul Davis

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