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From Pelle Braendgaard <>
Subject Status on OAuth (and can I help?)
Date Thu, 05 Nov 2009 19:45:57 GMT
Hi guys,
I'm relatively new to couchdb, but I have a major application that I
am planning to roll out of CouchDB using a combination of CouchApps
and OAuth front ends. So for my purely selfish ends I place a high
priortity on the OAuth support in CouchDB ;-) and in particular
3-legged OAuth and managing OAuth consumers/tokens in the database.

So while I've never written a line of Erlang before the OAuth code
looks fairly easy to understand to me. I also was one of the cowriters
of the Ruby OAuth gem and rails plugins so I am pretty experienced in
implementing OAuth. Is there anything I can do to help?

I can see there is a lot of code already in place for 3-legged OAuth.
The main thing missing seems to be consumer and token management.

What are the current thoughts/plans on OAuth for 0.11 and forward?

As I've worked on quite a few OAuth providing sites I could try to
work out some minimum requirements for real applications and maybe
even get my feet wet with some Erlang.


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