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From Glenn Rempe <>
Subject Hovercraft : Updates and Help Needed
Date Sat, 07 Nov 2009 22:44:33 GMT

Over the last day I have forked and made a number of changes to the
Hovercraft Erlang CouchDB lib.  As I am pretty new to Erlang, the
changes are mostly in the realm of cleanup and improved documentation.
 I did however fix a couple of issues with getting hovercraft working
with the current trunk CouchDB.  This has been a great way for me to
contribute (I hope) as well as to learn more about how hovercraft

I have identified three specific issues that are preventing the
current test suite from running cleanly and documented those problems
in my fork on GitHub.  I am hoping that someone here on the dev list
with much more knowledge of couchdb/erlang and recent refactoring in
trunk can take a look at these issues and help me patch them.  Once
done I would love to get all the changes pulled into the main repo
that jchris owns.  Note that my fork is actually off of 'sendtopms's
fork, which fixed some issues in jchris' code with current trunk.

The changes are in the 'fixes' branch of my fork which is here:

If you take a look at the TODO section of the file you will
see the specific breaking issues and the errors that are being thrown.

The README with the TODO section with issues that need attentions is here:

FYI, here is a summary of the changes I have made so far:

- couch_util:new_uuid() is now couch_uuids:random() in trunk, fixed
this in hovercraft
- Cleaned up and enhanced the README docs.
- Fixed some documentation issues in the comments of the hovercraft.erl file
- Broke out the test suite into its own (hovercraft_test) module, and
renamed a couple of the public test functions to match this
- commented out and marked with FIXME two failing tests in hovercraft_test:all/0
- Marked with FIXME a call in hovercraft:query which calls a
non-exported couch_view:fold_reduce/7
- fixed the include statement so that hovercraft can be compiled as
shown in the docs

Thanks for the help.  Hopefully with some help we can get hovercraft
cleanly working with trunk and passing all its tests.



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