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From maddiin <>
Subject Re: Website redesign
Date Sun, 15 Nov 2009 12:43:14 GMT
Hi Chris,

totally forgot about screenshots. I made some changes that should be 
reviewed first of course, e.g. dropped the documentation and get 
involved sections from the homepage (I already edited the wiki to 
contain these pages and link to them from the homepage).





Note: The grey links mean that a page was not yet created. I just made a 
quick c&p of the frontpage.

Wiki/Syntax reference:

Chris Anderson wrote:
> Maddiin,
> Is it possible to post a link to a screenshot of these designs? They
> sound exciting but like it would take a while to get on the screen.
> I think we are definitely due for a website redesign. I still think
> it's got to be more about linking to content (as well as the current
> technical material).
> Let's keep this moving.
> Chris
> On Sun, Nov 8, 2009 at 11:58 AM, maddiin <> wrote:
>> I've attached two files, in couchdb_website you'll find a diff file called
>> new_layout.diff with changes made to a checkout from today.
>> The other attachment is, as you might guess from the name, for the wiki.
>> You'd only need to merge the contents of this archive into the wiki root if
>> the MoinMoin version in use is 1.8.5 (I still don't know which version is
>> installed and got no response on JIRA).
>> Noah Slater wrote:
>>> On 27 Oct 2009, at 20:56, maddiin wrote:
>>>> Noah Slater wrote:
>>>>>> Wow, time goes by… last mail in this thread was on September 1st.
>>>>> Thanks for the nudge. I've added this to my actual proper serious todo
>>>>> list now. :)
>>>> Just in case you reached that point on your todo list, please hold back
>>>> until the upcoming weekend. :)
>>>> I've started making a “CouchDB theme” for the wiki, so everything looks
>>>> the same throughout the page. I need to clean up the stylesheets and make
>>>> new patch for the site because of some small changes.
>>>> While making the theme, I recognized it might be a good idea to move the
>>>> documentation section to the wiki. I'll make the necessary edits if you
>>>> agree.
>>> Great! Let me know how you get on!

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