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From "Brunjes, Lee (lmb7s)" <>
Subject Windows service
Date Thu, 12 Nov 2009 17:11:46 GMT
Hey everyone,

 I was going to ask a quick opinion question to the team, I am a windows guy, and am running
couchdb on win 2k8 server.

I have taken a few minutes and hacked together a basic service in .net that move running the
couch out of user land.  I found that on 2k8 the .net 3 service ran better than the 2.0 service
I started with so I am using that right now personally the code should work in either version
of .net.

Essentially I run a service that executes the .bat file that Mark Hammond wrote. It is at
present neither pretty to install or tied to a gui of any type

I wanted to discuss two things 
	first is any one else doing something similar?
	And second would adding a .net dependency to things be a bad idea in the long term. 

In the environment I am using .net 3 is installed in the base image. I talked to Mark Hammond
about this a while ago, and he suggested switching from C# to C++ so I could use the same
dependencies as openssl.

I have not had any time to play with this really since then so prior to doing any more work
I thought I would solicit opinions about the direction I should be go in.

The source and all available here:
Install instructions in the bin/Release directory if you want to try it out.


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