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From Juhani Ränkimies <>
Subject Anyone using couchdb on windows for real?? I'm considering.
Date Sat, 31 Oct 2009 14:55:13 GMT

I started playing with 0.10.0 binary installation on windows
( Couldn't have been
easier, thanks.

I've had an instance running since monday, receiving event data. Db is
0.8GB now (141 MB after compact on a patched replica), >90000
documents, 10 views and a list to export data to excel for analysis.
Not fancy, but very useful. Only problem apart from known issues so
far has been that manual ibrowse:start() is needed before remote

I searched windows related issues from jira and I'm worried about two of them: ( compaction doesn't work ) ( fsync problem )

The compaction issue resolution is "Don't Fix", and it refers to
discussion on issue 67 (unicode chars in db names) for a solution. I
need the compaction from the start and I got it to work with the
attached dirty fix. That'll do for now, but I'd like to understand how
67 will solve the problem.

The fsync issue worries me because I don't exactly undestand it's
implications. It'd be great if someone would elaborate.


inst_couch_service.bat.txt: example of installing couchdb as a service.
win32_compact_hack.patch: dirty hack to enable compact on win32

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