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From Noah Slater <>
Subject Re: Recent fixes targeted at 0.10.x
Date Mon, 05 Oct 2009 20:52:24 GMT
> This is by no means meant to apply any extra pressure, but for  
> Ubuntu Karmic we have to package the CouchDB that is going to ship  
> with the final release more or less now. On the other hand we'd love  
> to have an officially released version in there rather than a  
> packaged svn snapshot, since that will make things like backporting  
> critical bugfixes and reporting bugs upstream a lot easier to  
> streamline. Is it realistic that the release will happen this week?  
> "No", is an acceptable answer, in that case we'll just start  
> packaging what's there now.

I will prepare and call the vote tonight. That should take three days.

I was talking with the Debian Erlang guy, and he tells me that  
interest in the Debian package for CouchDB has waned since I last  
collected some volunteers for it's maintenance. Is it the case that no  
one is still interested in doing this work for Debian upstream? Are  
there any more volunteers?

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