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From maddiin <>
Subject Re: Website redesign
Date Fri, 30 Oct 2009 02:18:32 GMT
cinnebar wrote:
> Hi agree that excess and overkill is undesirable.  The content of the
> graphics is still fluxy...still experimenting with ideas... and the set
> online is gradually being updated...
> The oriental symbol is a Japanese symbol for couch and I have been using it
> because images cant be translated the way text can.  Do you think that the
> use of this symbol would alienate American or European users or compromises
> the 'identity' of CouchDB?
> I wasn't trying to improve the CouchDB logo at all!  I agree its pure
> awesome.  The headers I have been making concerned with bonding the logo to
> a page specific look and feel while referencing a lazily consistent
> structure across a group of pages.  I guess the idea is to condense a whole
> lot of information into a tiny and immediate amount of space, geared more
> for new or infrequent users.  The file sizes now average somewhere between
> 10 to 20Kb, which isnt big for graphics.

Most of the time new users will already have a doubt what CouchDB is 
about and are well served with the documentation and help from IRC, so 
putting “a whole lot of information” into the logo doesn't win us much.

We would have to add other translations of “Couch” if we add a Japanese 
symbol/translation. Also, the “Couch” in  CouchDB is an acronym  for 
“Cluster Of Unreliable Commodity Hardware” (I remembered that from a 
screencast I've seen and had to google it…should be on the homepage?!), 
so that makes it even a bad idea to translate it.

Adding “Planet” or “Wiki” is not necessary, that information is already 
present in a heading or highlighted in the navigation bar.

> I like the idea of this graphic a lot but I am not sure it is relevant to
> the feature set of the Relaxville app if that is important?   I don't have a
> better idea for Relaxville.

It might be sufficient to just change the “relax” from the linked logo 
above to “relaxville”. *g*

> I am looking forward to seeing the new wiki styling :)
> I appreciate the feedback.
> Cheers

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