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From Sven Helmberger <>
Subject Re: %2F vs /
Date Wed, 14 Oct 2009 18:08:59 GMT
Chris Anderson schrieb:
> My motivation in adding the redirect was that anytime users see %2F on
> the screen it's a total bug. If design docs are the entry points for
> CouchApps, then their URLs are always on the screen. If they have %2F
> in them then we have just shafted our users bad.
> I know it's a bit special-casey but I hope you understand the
> motivation is user comfort.

I have no real reason to disagree with your position. I just wanted to 
make sure I got it correct etc.

There is also the fact that "_design/" just *is* special, so special 
casing it mirrors that design decision.

Sven Helmberger

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