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From Kevin Jackson <>
Subject Continuous integration services at apache - COUCHDB-94
Date Wed, 16 Sep 2009 08:25:00 GMT

I've had a look into the options available at apache for setting up ci
for couch. contains 4 options:
* Gump
* Buildbot
* Hudson
* Continuum

1 - Gump is more about continually integrating projects together.  It
takes the head of each repository and attempts to build them. As many
apache projects rely on each other (think apache commons, log4j etc),
this system highlights project integration problems.  It's not really
a single project continuous integration tool. Written in Python.

2 - Buildbot is installed on 2 servers.  It was setup by Yahoo! to
help support hadoop (I guess).  Don't know much about it as it's
fairly new.  Written in Python.

3 - Hudson was developed by Sun and is very Java-centric.  I guess
many Java developers in Apache-land have experience of Hudson (I have
set it up at work to build in house projects).
Relies on a servlet container, Java5 etc.  Can build from Ant, Maven2
or custom shell scripts.  Lots of plugins available (will integrate
with Git, I've set this up too).  To get test results into Hudson they
can be converted

To setup a project on the apache Hudson server you need to get an
account -  I would do this and
start setup, but it has to be a member of the project's PMC which
requests the access.

4 - Continuum is an apache project.  I don't know much about it, but
it seems at first glance to be very Java/Maven centric (I believe that
it originated at codehaus along with maven).

To build/run tests for couch, the minimum requirements are all the
dependencies (correct version of Erlang, ICU, automake, curl etc), a
single shell script entry point which

To install dependencies, I think will need some
involvement as I'm not sure which platforms hudson is currently
running on (Gump is on both Ubuntu 8.10 & Solaris for example).


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