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From Jason Davies <>
Subject Re: Call for objections releasing 0.10
Date Tue, 15 Sep 2009 14:14:50 GMT
On 15 Sep 2009, at 15:02, Curt Arnold wrote:

> COUCHDB-345 prevents misencoded documents from being inserted in the  
> database after which they result in catastrophic failures of views.   
> The current patch could be optimized to only call  
> xmerl_ucs:from_utf8 if there is a byte value of 0x80 or above which  
> should reduce the performance hit.  It did have a knock on to OAuth   
> which I don't know whether it had been resolved, but we don't want  
> OAuth breaking views either.

Interesting, why did it affect OAuth?  OAuth shouldn't care about  
what's in the request body as it only operates on the request headers.

Jason Davies

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