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From Christopher Lenz <>
Subject Re: Call for objections releasing 0.10
Date Tue, 15 Sep 2009 22:30:13 GMT
On 15.09.2009, at 16:02, Curt Arnold wrote:
> On Sep 15, 2009, at 5:00 AM, Noah Slater wrote:
>> I plan on cutting the 0.10 release for a vote today.
>> I would like to collect any objections now before I go through the  
>> motions.
> I'd really like to see 
>  and integrated.   
> Neither are regressions, but they both address significant issues  
> and are pretty trivial amounts of code.
> Without the fix for COUCHDB-257, any attempt to access CouchDB from  
> IE 6 (not sure about 7) will result in stale documents being used in  
> the app since the lack of an Expires tag results in the browser  
> always considering the previously retrieve version fresh.  There is  
> not a new test case for it since the many test cases in the suite  
> fail on IE already, likely many because of this issue.  However,  
> there is a test that you can drop into Futon to test this issue in  
> isolation.  Though I would not recommend IE 6 to anyone, it is still  
> the browser of choice in some organizations.

This is a somewhat misleading description; it's not the lack of an  
Expires header on CouchDB responses that results in incorrect caching,  
it's a (really ugly) bug in the XMLHttpRequest implementation of IE6  
that does this. As far as I know, the cache control headers sent by  
CouchDB are absolutely correct according to the HTTP specification.  
Unconditionally adding an Expires header (with a date in the past)  
just to workaround the XHR bug in IE6 *completely disables* any  
caching by any user agent!

Note also that IE6 gets cache invalidation right when you don't go  
through XMLHttpRequest (that is, request CouchDB documents/views  

A CouchDB-based application that runs on the client (CouchApp-style),  
and that needs to work on IE6, has the option to force all XHR  
requests to invalidate the cache (for example by using jQuery's  
"cache=false" option to AJAX requests, which simply adds an extra  
timestamp-valued query string parameter). In addition, it can choose  
to do so if, and only if, it detects to be running on IE6. And of  
course, applications accessing CouchDB only through server-side code  
do not need to care about this issue at all.

Presumably we *could* add the browser detection and the conditional  
addition of an Expires header to the CouchDB HTTP server, but browser  
detection is a really slippery slope that I think we should avoid, and  
IE6 is likely (or so I hope) to be pretty much extinct by the time  
CouchDB reaches the 1.0 mark. In any case, I'm -1 on any patch that  
does this unconditionally, and -0.5 on any patch that does the Expires  
header dance conditionally. I'd be okay with adding the cache busting  
trick to Futon (but again, only conditionally), and documenting the  
issue and workaround for CouchApps.

Christopher Lenz
   cmlenz at

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