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From Curt Arnold <>
Subject Re: Almost ready to release 0.10.0
Date Tue, 29 Sep 2009 13:29:36 GMT

On Sep 28, 2009, at 8:16 PM, Paul Joseph Davis wrote:

> That is quite doable. I reckon I have an eta of 20-25 minutes before  
> i'm back to !iPhone. Though me or someone else should double check  
> what ended up being required for the oauth and ibrowse imports.
> If it requires faxing I'm only comitting the check. I think that it  
> didn't but we need to make certain. There was a big thread on it.  
> The only keywords comming to mind are uncertain, uneasy, or similar.  
> First email was from Curt Arnold I do believe.
> Yay release!

I took a quick peek at the Github for ETAP.  A quick peek did not  
reveal what license ETAP uses.  Did I miss it?  One of the big  
qualifiers in the quoted email was a 3rd party dependency with an ASF  
compatible license.

The "unease" thread was related to using GitHub for collaborative  
development where the mailing list community is unaware of a big  
development effort until it hits the SVN in an already gelled state  
and can no long influence the design.  Doesn't really bear on pulling  
something from GitHub.

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