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From Brian Candler <>
Subject Inconsistencies (?) when querying reduce views
Date Thu, 10 Sep 2009 16:58:15 GMT
I've noticed a couple of possible inconsistences in querying a reduce view,
which I thought I'd raise here rather than in JIRA for now.

I am comparing querying a reduce view with a single key in the URL, versus
querying it with a single key in a POST fetch. That is,

GET /db/_design/ddoc/_view/vname?key=%22abc%22


POST /db/_design/ddoc/_view/vname

(1) If you perform a multi-key fetch as above, it is refused with
"query_parse_error", "multi-key fetchs for reduce view must include
`group=true`", until you add ?group=true to the URL. However you do not need
to do this for the single-key case.

(2) In the single key case, you get "key":null in the response row, whereas
in the multi-key fetch you get "key":"abc" or whatever the actual key was.
Apart from this, both give a response in the same format, i.e.


Any comments on this? I would have thought that the two should work in the
same way.



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