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From J Aaron Farr <>
Subject Re: Apache sub-projects
Date Fri, 14 Aug 2009 07:37:01 GMT

On Fri 14 Aug 2009 14:52, Chris Anderson <> wrote:
> I think one benefit of having sub-projects is broadening the
> community. I think it also helps to give people looking at CouchDB for
> the first time an easier way to see some of the really cool tools and
> libraries it's offers.

Just to give you a heads up, the ASF has had rather mixed results with
subprojects and we've specifically tried to avoid what's been termed as
"umbrella projects."  Jakarta is/was the poster child example.

The issue always comes down to oversight: does the PMC know what's going
on when you have a dozen subprojects?  Is there one community or lots of
little ones?

The idea is that each community deserves to have its own PMC which can
give the code the proper sort of care and when a project gets too big,
then there will be pressure to split.  Now, some of that split can be
rather internal to the ASF.  In theory we could have a single web site
that is the public face to multiple PMCs.

I'm not saying couchdb can't organize itself into subproject, but I do
want to give you a heads up about the sort of subproject politics you
can bump into down the road.  For example, a clear warning sign is when
you start giving out commit rights to only certain subprojects.

Thanks for your attention, now back to your regularly scheduled hacking...

   J. Aaron Farr

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