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From Dirkjan Ochtman <>
Subject Re: Apache sub-projects
Date Sun, 16 Aug 2009 20:11:07 GMT
On Sun, Aug 16, 2009 at 18:21, Jan Lehnardt<> wrote:
> In a project as big as PHP, this makes sense and was needed
> badly. CouchDB is not that big yet. I'd say let's figure out how
> to incorporate sub projects into our subversion tree (e.g.
> couchdb/trunk is couchdb-trunk, where do sub projects go?
> couchdb/projects/...?) and how to make releases (separate or
> bundled with CouchDB, Futon e.g. could be bundled and
> couchdb-lucene a separate package) and worry about splitting
> out independent sub projects when when the need arises.

As someone who is involved in a lot of repository migrations (to
DVCS), please don't do any weird layouts. If you're going to do
trunk/tags/branches, put every project on the same level and t/b/t in
each of them. For source code, facilitating your way out of a specific
system is a good idea.

> Futon:
>  - The developers are currently the CouchDB committers and we
>   got contributions small and big from users through patches.
>  - A future Futon-only developer doesn't necessarily have to know
>   any Erlang and I'd trust her to not touch that part of the code
>   until everybody feeling comfortable with this. (Besides, Erlang is
>   so simple on the couch_http_*-end that small fixes in the HTTP
>   API could be done without much hassle). And we're using SVN,
>   if any unwanted changes, accidental or deliberate are introduced,
>   we'll revert them.
>  - Futon always has to be current with CouchDB, even through
>   trunk-only development phases. Splitting this out to a separate
>   schedule doesn't make much sense to me.
>  - Working on Futon is a great way for new developers to get into
>   CouchDB via simpler, more familiar means (web development).

Having Futon as a somewhat separate project sounds interesting. I've
been porting another site to CouchDB over the past week, and I've been
having some ideas (but putting up a CouchDB snapshot has prevented me
from hacking on it so far -- making that easier would be
interesting...). A major detriment to my last Futon patch was also the
fact that it sat untouched in JIRA for months, which wasn't very
motivating. (It eventually got applied, but without mentioning so on
the bug, so I didn't even know about that... Kind of a pity, that.)

Relatedly, I wonder if couchdb-python would also be a good fit for
being a subproject. Note that both Futon and couchdb-python have
suffered a bit in the past from the fact that the primary author has
had little time to deal with patches, bugs, etc. That happens to
everyone, but it would be nice if we could prevent the projects from
stalling as much as possible.



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