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From Paul Davis <>
Subject Time to upgrade our Erlang dependency?
Date Sat, 15 Aug 2009 01:43:00 GMT
The recent thread [1] on user@ brings up the point that we've let some
incompatibilities with our minimum Erlang VM requirement sneak into
trunk. The email highlights the use of the re module in a handful of
places through trunk. Now I'm not going to point fingers (at Adam and
Jason!) but it does bring up the discussion on whether its time to
update our Erlang requirement.

AFAIK the minimum Erlang requirement is now R12B5 which has been out
for some time. I'd be completely fine with updating our dependency but
its the sort of thing I think we should probably put out for consensus
before changing.

Anyone have opinions against upgrading the Erlang VM requirement? I
would be most swayed by what's in package managers and readily
available to install.

Also, a note on requiring the upgrade, I'm guessing this would either
be best right before or right after a release. I'd probably go for
before, just because the more releases we make, the longer their going
to be around. But I'm open to being convinced otherwise.

Paul Davis


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