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From Paul Davis <>
Subject Re: Git at the ASF: (Was: Re: Uneasiness with use of github for experimentation)
Date Fri, 07 Aug 2009 15:11:13 GMT
>> That said, using "Apache SVN" in an argument about providing that
>> paper trail prevents me from considering the issue seriously. I'm a
>> hacker. I hack. I judge my tools and I have judged SVN to be lacking.
>> I would very be very excited to see hosted git repositories for ASF
>> contributors and would use them exclusively to all other git hosting
>> for my ASF development. If there were a recommendation to stop using
>> Github as a host for development, I would just stop pushing code
>> public. SVN sucks that bad.
> Apache Git mirrors:
> Git access to Apache codebases:
> Git for Apache committers:
> (scroll a bit down)

Just to point out, none of those options allow someone who is not a
committer to push code to ASF servers. I was proposing actual Git
repositories for people to sign up and use. Then you could tie every
submission to a user account and probably even a key/value pair for
good measure. This would require that the ASF makes repositories
available for everyone at much lower of a hurdle than a CLA.

And on the pure development side, sharing my work with people would
still incur the wrath of SVN branches.

Paul Davis

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