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From Adam Kocoloski <>
Subject Re: Time to upgrade our Erlang dependency?
Date Sat, 15 Aug 2009 01:49:03 GMT
On Aug 14, 2009, at 9:43 PM, Paul Davis wrote:

> The recent thread [1] on user@ brings up the point that we've let some
> incompatibilities with our minimum Erlang VM requirement sneak into
> trunk. The email highlights the use of the re module in a handful of
> places through trunk. Now I'm not going to point fingers (at Adam and
> Jason!) but it does bring up the discussion on whether its time to
> update our Erlang requirement.
> AFAIK the minimum Erlang requirement is now R12B5 which has been out
> for some time. I'd be completely fine with updating our dependency but
> its the sort of thing I think we should probably put out for consensus
> before changing.
> Anyone have opinions against upgrading the Erlang VM requirement? I
> would be most swayed by what's in package managers and readily
> available to install.
> Also, a note on requiring the upgrade, I'm guessing this would either
> be best right before or right after a release. I'd probably go for
> before, just because the more releases we make, the longer their going
> to be around. But I'm open to being convinced otherwise.
> Paul Davis
> [1]

Guilty as charged.  Let's make R12B-5 an official requirement before  
we release 0.10 and replace all usage of the regexp module with re at  
the same time (COUCHDB-245).


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