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From Jason Davies <>
Subject Re: Apache Maven/Maven repo (Re: Dependencies in SVN)
Date Tue, 11 Aug 2009 08:09:32 GMT
Hi Curt,

On 11 Aug 2009, at 05:17, Curt Arnold wrote:
> I do not think that the question posed on legal-discuss really  
> describes the situation since the dependencies are not unmodified  
> copies of upstream release but are abridged and in the case of  
> mochiweb functionally modified.

Erlang-oauth is 99.9% complete and unabridged.  ibrowse is 100%  
complete and unabridged.  The proof is in the pudding:

$ rm ~/src/couchdb/git/couchdb/src/erlang-oauth/Makefile*
$ diff -rw ~/src/erlang-oauth/src/ ~/src/couchdb/git/couchdb/src/ 
diff -rw /Users/jason/src/erlang-oauth/src/oauth_uri.erl /Users/jason/ 
<   [param_from_header_string(Param) || Param <- re:split(String, ",\ 
\s*", [{return, list}])].
 >   [param_from_header_string(Param) || Param <- re:split(String, ",\ 
\s*", [{return, list}]), Param =/= ""].

$ rm ~/src/couchdb/git/couchdb/src/ibrowse/Makefile*
$ diff -rw ~/src/ibrowse/src/ ~/src/couchdb/git/couchdb/src/ibrowse/
Only in /Users/jason/src/ibrowse/src/: Emakefile.src
Only in /Users/jason/src/ibrowse/src/: Makefile
Only in /Users/jason/src/couchdb/git/couchdb/src/ibrowse/:
Only in /Users/jason/src/ibrowse/src/:

Okay, so there is a minor change in erlang-oauth that I didn't know  
was there, probably due to upstream applying my patch differently.   
I'll look into this.

As for mochiweb, I'm pretty sure we're not intending to fork and as  
Paul mentioned we're working hard on preparing for 0.10 so some of  
those particular changes haven't been pushed as a patch to upstream  
yet (although the UTF-16 surrogate pair patch is already in the Google  

I'm still open for discussion about whether we are following the  
guidelines correctly but let's get some authoritative input on this.   
I've posted a follow-up question to legal-discuss@ asking about minor  
modifications so hopefully we can get this resolved once and for all.

Jason Davies

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