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From Noah Slater <>
Subject Website redesign
Date Mon, 03 Aug 2009 01:13:18 GMT

I am extremely grateful to Christopher Lenz for designing the first version of
our official Apache site. However, I think it might be the time for a new
design. There have been a number of other document databases pop up in the last
year, and we would do well to keep our image modern and fresh.

Some of my initial thoughts:

  * The header graphic could make the project name much bigger.

  * The header graphic could include the phrase "Time to relax" as a slogan.

  * I'm not happy with the content hugging the left side and an empty right
    gutter. I would prefer a central column with a width between 40 and 50 em
    and a margin set to auto. Something generally like
    would be nice, but a bit thinner.

  * The font would probably look better in Georgia and being about 1em.

  * Something a bit more like would be ideal.

Of course, I could just come up with my own design and see what people thought,
but I'm a little too busy, and thought it might be fun throwing this wide open
to suggestions from the community. We might have some skilled designers!


Noah Slater,

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