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From Damien Katz <>
Subject [REPORT] CouchDB
Date Fri, 14 Aug 2009 16:00:01 GMT
This is the quarterly board report for Apache CouchDB.

Released 0.9.1, lots of bug fixes.

We are about to branch 0.10.0, which is our first beta.

New features in 0.10.0:
Cookie and OAuth authentication support
Windows build supports.
Continuous replication
Pure tail-append storage
More reliable and faster replication
Better RFC 2616 compliance
Several Futon (Admin UI) improvements
Native Erlang view servers
Filter API for filtered replication
Update API to parse client requests in JS


Added 2 committers, Jason Davies and Mark Hammond.

O'reilly, Manning, Apress have books in development, and Wrox is  
looking for writers for a 4th book.

Canonical has announced CouchDB based services in Ubuntu, putting us  
into the default Ubuntu distribution and ~ 10 million desktops.

- 10 Libraries in PERL’s CPAN
- 10 Python Packages (
-12 Debian Ruby Gems (

- 27 project repos on Bitbuckets
- 314 project repos on Github!


We had some small issues with out third party libs we include in our  
source tree. While we haven't found any code in our repos that is  
improperly licensed, we did find places where we failed to follow  
correct procedure and checks importing the code to the repos.


Our awesomeness is increasing by 53 Awesome Units a day.

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