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From Paul Davis <>
Subject Re: Possible bug in indexer... (really)
Date Sun, 05 Jul 2009 08:53:32 GMT
2009/7/5 Göran Krampe <>:
> Hi Paul!
> Paul Davis wrote:
>> 2009/7/4 Göran Krampe <>:
>>> Adam Kocoloski wrote:
>>>> Not sure if it's described, but it is by design.  The reduce function
>>>> executes when the btree is modified.  We can't afford to cache KVs from
>>>> an
>>>> index update in memory regardless of size; we have to set some threshold
>>>> when we flush them to disk.
>>> And I presume you can't write KVs *without* doing the reduce?
>>> When I wrote "described" I am referring to the blog post by Ricky Ho btw.
>>> It
>>> seems to imply a strict ordering, map -> reduce -> rereduce. IIRC.
>> That was probably just the theoretical aspect. Map's always happen
>> first obviously, and then when the key/values are inserted into the
>> btree during a flush the entire tree is built which means that > 0
>> reduces are called and then re-reduces are run to fill out the tree.
>> At the moment we aren't delaying re-reduce calls because it'd require
>> a major overhaul to the btree code.
> Right, so there is nothing preventing delaying the reduce and rereduce calls
> untl the end - except of course the problem of actually implementing it.
> Just want to understand.

Just to be clear, its not an implementation I expect to actually
materialize. It'd require a hefty amount of reworking of the btree
updates so much that it'd change some of the fundamental behavior and
unless I'm just not as creative as I usually am at 5am, I can't think
of a decent way of implementing such an update very effectively.

> regards, Göran

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