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From Jim McCoy <>
Subject Re: The 1.0 Thread
Date Mon, 22 Jun 2009 17:51:27 GMT
Something that would be nice to have for 1.0 or at least somewhere on
the roadmap is full support for Erlang in views and in other bits of
the codebase that accept functions as input.  I know that Javascript
is quite popular with most of the Couch team, but it would be nice to
know that Erlang could be used from top to bottom in the Couch stack
rather than having to remember which bits are in Erlang and which are
in Javascript (at least for those of us who are in that odd minority
that do more Erlang coding than Javascript coding...)


p.s.  I am not necessarily suggesting that this task be the focus of
anyone on the dev team, but it would be nice to know that such an
effort would be acceptable to the powers that be before someone spends
time working on it...

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