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From Nathan Stott <>
Subject Re: The 1.0 Thread
Date Thu, 18 Jun 2009 21:38:55 GMT
Must have:eaccess issue fixed for Windows users

Nice to have:
Windows installer, Mark Hammond and I are working hard on this one :)

On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 4:34 PM, Damien Katz <> wrote:

> Okay, time to ask the question, what features do we need to get to 1.0?
> I'm going to list my must haves, and my nice to haves.
> Must have:
> - Document integrity checking: Using some sort of hashing scheme for end to
> end integrity checking of documents and attachments. Reusing the revision ID
> as the hash of the document might work, and has the benefit of allowing
> writing the same changes to 2 different servers and not causing a conflict.
> Also multiple clients can write the same change to a document and not get
> unnecessary conflicts.
> - Reader/Writer access databases and servers: Allow/disallow anonymous,
> users, groups.
> - Continuous replication: Keeping a constant connection and being able to
> replicate changes as soon as they happen.
> - Better testing: We need really some performance and stress testing as
> part of the source. And we need much better code coverage in general with
> the testing.
> Nice to have:
> - Hashing/CRC everything written to disk, data, metadata, index structures,
> etc. But optional, since many filesystems actively integrity-check disk
> data.
> - Better full text integration: Out of the box integration and the ability
> intersect results with views, for easier result formatting. Lucene would be
> the primary FT engine, but we make it pluggable, much like the view engines
> are.
> - Attachment level replication: By tracking the revision when an attachment
> was modified, the replicator can avoid copying unchanged attachments to the
> target. The same can apply to json fields, but it's much less of a win
> there.
> - Partitioning/sharding support: Ideally would be nice to have something
> that "just works" without a lot of setup.
> - Built-in authentication: A plug-in that authenticates HTTP users and
> assign them roles. It would use a couch database as a directory that
> contains users documents, etc.
> - Selective replication: The ability to replicate a subset of documents,
> using a javascript function as a selector.
> - Server side doc processing: The ability to POST data and have arbitrary
> server-side processing. The simplest case is posting a document to a Js
> handler that can do some data cleanup and add default values the document
> before saving it. But ideally would be able to interact with the full
> database
> - Scheduled replication: The ability to schedule replication every so
> often, like a cron job. But this can be done with an actual cron job and
> CURL, so it's not critical to have it built-in.
> There are probably a bunch of things I forgot about.
> Respond to this with your must haves and nice to haves. No promises you'll
> get your way (no guarantee for me for that matter), but lets start talking
> about it.
> And anyone who wants to take on any of these issues: mine, yours or anyone
> else's, just do it. Read code, mail dev@ with questions and advice, write
> some code, repeat.
> -Damien

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