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From Paul Davis <>
Subject Compiler warnings
Date Thu, 25 Jun 2009 04:11:51 GMT
I've gotten tired of looking at compiler warnings when compiling
CouchDB but I figure I'd better ping the list before going through and
just updating everything.

For reference almost all the errors are about the deprecated regexp
module and deprecated guards.

The guards look to pretty much be guard -> is_guard type changes. the
is_guard style guards are old enough to be In the Programming Erlang
book so I'm fairly certain they've been around in any version of
Erlang that people are using. The only snag is that I'd be patching
both ibrowse and mochiweb downstream if I just edited them in SVN, so
I'd like thoughts on that.

As to the regexp -> re module, does anyone know when re made it into
the stdlib? This one actually worries me a bit that if I update the
code I'll need to update the Erlang version requirement. Though I
heard re has been around since R11 or something, so I'm not sure. It
looks like we're requiring R12B (5.6.0) of Erlang, does anyone have
that version and can check if the re module exists?

Other than those errors there are only a couple unused variable
messages that need to be silenced.

Let me know if there's anything I'm missing. If re is in that version
of Erlang or one fairly close to that I'll go through and update at
least the couchdb sources if not ibrowse and mochiweb.

Paul Davis

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