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From Paul Davis <>
Subject Re: "Personal" Couch DB.
Date Wed, 24 Jun 2009 05:48:56 GMT
Nothing quite like that and there are a few different prevailing ideas.

For instant gratification on OS X though you can check out CouchDBX.
Jon Gretar's got a version on github that just sits in the sys tray
out of the way. While not SQLite per se, it does allow instant end
user access to a locally running CouchDB. There's effort to get a
windows installer afoot as well. There are technical hurdles still
being navigated though so no ETA.

As for other *nix systems I'm not sure on what options there are for
easily running CouchDB as a single user. There was a guy in #couchdb
asking just today about binding to a kernel provided port that would
probably be on the agenda.

Paul Davis

On Tue, Jun 23, 2009 at 10:17 PM, Dale Wiles<> wrote:
> I've been following CouchDB for a while and I'm really impressed with the way it's coming
> However, like >90% of the users out there, I'm not a business and I don't really care
about replication and daemons and scary things that go bump in the kernel.  I just need somewhere
to put my address lists and record collection.
> Are there any plans, or is it even feasible, to make a serverless version of CouchDB,
in a manor similar to SqLite?
> For those who don't know SqLite: CouchDB would be a file or set of files.  It "starts
up" when the file is opened and "shuts down" when the file closes.  If you can read the file
you can read the DB.  If you can write the file, you an write the DB.  Database locking
is handled by the DB.
> I think a *lot* of potential casual database users would be interested in a no hassle/no
mystery version of CouchDB they could play with.  It's something to think about.
> - Dale
> --
> Dale Wiles

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