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From Kevin Jackson <>
Subject Re: changing branch commit merge block procedure
Date Tue, 02 Jun 2009 09:22:48 GMT

> 0.9.1 has been sitting there ready to go for some time, we should get
> put it through the release procedure now to keep as much stability as
> possible.

With my apache hat on, my experience as a release manager is that the
release branch is taken from the trunk when the community (dev@ and
PMC) decide we want to release.

Then the release is made with the minimum of lag, at ant we follow
something along these lines:
- community decides they need a release
- release manager / scapegoat chosen ;)
- release plan decided
- committers rush to get their patches into trunk for release x
- release manager makes the release branch from trunk and the release
is effectively frozen at that point, committers free to commit to
- an alpha release is made
- community tests and reports any showstoppers (usually 2 week window)
- possible point releases are made incorporating fixes to showstoppers
(release managers call)
- beta release made (again 2 week window to report issues)
- final release made and reported on freshmeat etc, website updated

I realise that this won't be exactly the same on every project, but I
thought this may be helpful (I wish we could be this rigourous at work


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