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From Kevin Jackson <>
Subject Re: permanent replications API discussion
Date Mon, 01 Jun 2009 06:27:02 GMT

Does the replication include design databases and associated views etc
(I guess it will, just pointing this out).

> Hey here's my random one about cron. We build a Task Manager that's a
> browser page that runs tasks like processing a view pool to keep it
> empty, etc. It's not hard to keep cron running as long as the tasks
> themselves are crash-only, because reloading the page is a pretty
> effective reset, and JavaScript can auto-reload the page occasionally.

cron facility would be very nice, but implementing the tasks as part
of a page seems a little strange.  That would mean each task/job would
have to be loaded by the page - what about multiple page loads?  What
about browser incompatibilities - that would be pretty poor, having to
code tasks around IE quirks :)

I like the idea of the tasks being JavaScript though.  I guess there
would be a dependency on calling the tasks asynchronously via couch.js
- but that's probably a dependency of writing a task anyway.

Would there be a facility to load tasks with erlang as the
implementation language instead of javascript?

Are tasks analogous to stored procedures in the rdbms world?

Sorry just some thoughts.


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