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From Simon Metson <>
Subject Re: Profiling views
Date Fri, 12 Jun 2009 16:03:04 GMT

>> We could add per-view timing info to the runtime stats. Do you feel  
>> comfortable digging in the erlang and adding the necessary calls?

I can start getting comfortable. Pointers appreciated...

> I agree that we should have higher-granularity timing information  
> and statistics available.

Glad it's not just me ;)

> Not to hijack Simon's thread,

Hijack away...

> but Paul and I were wondering if features like stats and active  
> tasks ought to be consuming standardized update notifications  
> instead of inserting their own calls into the lower-level core DB  
> code.  I think it's a good idea, and probably  one that we should  
> talk about before adding too much extra stats code.  If we put  
> enough detail into the update notifications we could add lots of  
> different types of statistics just by consuming these messages.   
> That way only one person needs to dig into the entrails of  
> couch_view_updater.

That sounds good.

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