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From Robert Dionne <>
Subject Re: "Personal" Couch DB.
Date Wed, 24 Jun 2009 12:32:10 GMT

On Jun 24, 2009, at 7:55 AM, Elliot Murphy wrote:

> On 06/23/2009 10:17 PM, Dale Wiles wrote:
>> I've been following CouchDB for a while and I'm really impressed  
>> with the way it's coming along.
>> However, like>90% of the users out there, I'm not a business and I  
>> don't really care about replication and daemons and scary things  
>> that go bump in the kernel.  I just need somewhere to put my  
>> address lists and record collection.
>> Are there any plans, or is it even feasible, to make a serverless  
>> version of CouchDB, in a manor similar to SqLite?
>> For those who don't know SqLite: CouchDB would be a file or set of  
>> files.  It "starts up" when the file is opened and "shuts down"  
>> when the file closes.  If you can read the file you can read the  
>> DB.  If you can write the file, you an write the DB.  Database  
>> locking is handled by the DB.
>> I think a *lot* of potential casual database users would be  
>> interested in a no hassle/no mystery version of CouchDB they could  
>> play with.  It's something to think about.
> I totally agree with you that we should get CouchDB running in lots  
> of places, exactly the places where the delightful SQLite system  
> runs now.
> I don't quite agree that giving up listening on a network port is  
> necessary to do that though. One of the beautiful things about  
> CouchDB is the HTTP interface, and a network port is a big part of  
> that. Even programs running on my phone listen on network ports.
> In Ubuntu, we're working to shrink down the Erlang packages to be  
> small enough to fit on the LiveCD, and in the next version of Ubuntu  
> we plan to have a CouchDB instance automatically running for every  
> single user on their desktop. You know, a nice place to put your  
> address lists and record collection :) If you'd like to follow along  
> or help out:

> #line-68
> In fact, this effort to run a CouchDB for every single user account  
> on a computer running Ubuntu is why Stuart filed bug

>  yesterday.

I see, so this is the reason for running on a random port. There was  
speculation about this on #couchdb yesterday. I love Ubuntu,  
particularly on IBM Thinkpads. For some reason it's a linux that's  
always run well on those laptops. Bundling Erlang/CouchDB is awesome,  
good luck with it!

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> Elliot Murphy |

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