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From Justin Balthrop <>
Subject Re: multi-level views
Date Thu, 04 Jun 2009 16:15:02 GMT
In one case, we need to take the combined documents and sort them by  
certain metrics (e.g. popularity). There are millions of documents, so  
this isn't practical in the client code.

>> Our specific use case isn't incredibly important, because multi-level
>> map-reduce could be useful in countless ways, but I'll include it  
>> anyway
>> just as illustration. The specific need for us arose from the  
>> desire to
>> slice up certain very large documents to make concurrent editing by  
>> a huge
>> number of users feasible. Then we started to use a view step to  
>> combine the
>> data back into whole documents. This worked really well at first,  
>> but we
>> soon found that we needed to run additional queries on those  
>> documents. So
>> we were stuck with either:
> Hey there,
> Would you mind explaining what those additional queries are?
> Stephan

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