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From Damien Katz <>
Subject Windows support
Date Wed, 03 Jun 2009 17:27:16 GMT
I was once again reminded we need to add proper Windows support for  
CouchDB when Mark Hammond provided a very nice patch to provide a  
windows version of a couchdb unix script. (Thanks Mark!)

It seems silly to add it to SVN without it ever being built, but it is  
a start. What we really need is to properly support Windows.  
Fortunately we have well documented steps on the wiki (

  ) and there are already some people who are building CouchDB on  
Windows and releasing the binary.

But we also have some broken tests. Other than the issue Mark's patch  
fixes, I think it's only compaction that's still broken. I think the  
cleanest way to fix that is to change the erlang VM to open db files  
using flags to give them unix like semantics. I think this will work  
based on my interpretation of some windows api documentation, I'm not  
sure. Someone would need to test that and submit a suitable patch to  
the Erlang guys. If we can't fix it that way we'd have to rewrite how  
the compaction file switch code works. I can help with that it it's  

What we need is people to drive these issues and help us fully support  
CouchDB on Windows. You don't need to be an Erlang expert to help  
here, I and other CouchDB contributors will be glad to help the effort  
on the Erlang side.

Ideally, what we'd end up with would be a completely automated Windows  
build system that builds a complete installer and supports XP, Server  
2003 & 2007, Vista, 7, etc. And we'd support running as a service and  
as a user process and have nice Visual Studio integration.

Thoughts on how we can get there please.

And if you really want to help you can ask for pointers here on the  
mailing list or on IRC, or just start testing, reporting bugs,  
creating patches and scripts, etc.


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