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From Mark Hammond <>
Subject Re: Windows support
Date Wed, 10 Jun 2009 23:56:21 GMT
On 4/06/2009 3:27 AM, Damien Katz wrote:
> I was once again reminded we need to add proper Windows support for
> CouchDB when Mark Hammond provided a very nice patch to provide a
> windows version of a couchdb unix script. (Thanks Mark!)

Thanks!  Sorry I was a bit slow to see this thread.

> But we also have some broken tests. Other than the issue Mark's patch
> fixes, I think it's only compaction that's still broken.

compaction and deletion are broken.  I've opened a bug on the delete 
problem at, as 
alisdair seemed to think that couch could have a simple change made to 
allow 'delete' to work without changing how the files are opened.

 > I think the
> cleanest way to fix that is to change the erlang VM to open db files
> using flags to give them unix like semantics.

I've learnt something about Windows file-systems today :)  My 
experiments show that when using FILE_SHARE_DELETE:

* A file can be deleted while it is in use - but another file of that 
name can not be created until the handles are closed.

* A file can however be renamed while it is in use, thereby allowing the 
original name to be re-opened.

If we consider the 'delete' case, then FILE_SHARE_DELETE may still end 
up with a 'race' if an attempt to delete the DB is quickly followed by a 
request to create it - the delete should succeed, but the create will not.

If we consider the 'compact' case, I *suspect* that couch will need to 
rely on the ability to rename and replace rather than a simple delete - 
so that might work fine.

I'll have a bit of a dig around in the erlang sources and see what I 
find, but of you have any other thoughts or pointers in the meantime, 
please let me know.



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