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From Wojciech Kaczmarek <>
Subject Re: "Personal" Couch DB.
Date Wed, 24 Jun 2009 16:03:12 GMT
Hi! Just 3 cents..

On Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 04:17, Dale Wiles wrote:

> I've been following CouchDB for a while and I'm really impressed with the
> way it's coming along.
> However, like >90% of the users out there, I'm not a business and I don't
> really care about replication and daemons and scary things that go bump in
> the kernel.  I just need somewhere to put my address lists and record
> collection.

Replication and distribution is where CouchDB really shines and it's not
scary at all :). It's good especially for business because you can save lots
of money this way, and many people recognize this value, I'd guess much more
than 10% of users "out there" (btw, define "out there" -- who's the target
;P). While the http interface is a Good Thing to have these days and it
attracts lots of people, it's not what makes this database different.

My point is that if you have a good hammer then everything looks like a
nail. But maybe for address list and other simple structured data the
easiest way to go is using yaml files or sth? When you have simple data you
don't need to use powered backend tools (even in the form of a library, like
SQLite), you can just iterate and filter in your programming language of
choice. That's also quickest to hack usually.

Are there any plans, or is it even feasible, to make a serverless version of
> CouchDB, in a manor similar to SqLite?

Which subset of features would you like to see  in such serverless product?
Maybe it would narrow down to something which exists already?

I think a *lot* of potential casual database users would be interested in a
> no hassle/no mystery version of CouchDB they could play with.  It's
> something to think about.

IMO CouchDB is no mystery already. Exceptionally easy to configure and very
well documented.

Excuse my skeptic tone, but I'm raising this because you just can't please
everyone. It's better to develop a good product with some vision than to
put effort into some race where your product should be used everywhere
regardless if it fits. Hypes come and go, you know..


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